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Romantic Marriage Proposals

The RoMANtic's Guide to Popping the Question



When most guys (and gals) begin planning their marriage proposal, they instantly think of limousines, hot air balloons, fancy dinners and expensive champagne.

The RoMANtic's Guide to Popping the Question is a new book that challenges the myth that one has to open their wallet to show what is in ones heart. A nationwide search for the most romantic proposals brought in over 7300 stories and the best 101 showed credit cards and bank accounts have little impact on romance.

The grand prize winner was a guy who creatively used a $10 piece of hardware and a $6 bathroom fixture to pop the question to his girlfriend. The other winning stories invested a lot of heart and sentiment into their proposals, but not a lot of cash.

Author Michael Webb, who is a popular talk show guest, has long been teaching men and women how to get back to the romance of days gone by. The best part about Webb's book is that it will actually save you money on your proposal by showing ways you can express your love without opening your wallet.More Info...




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